Infertility makes you (well, me) feel this


1.  Defective–Reproduction is a basic human function. You are a basic human, as far as you know. Yet, the phrase: What’s wrong with me? is the mantra of your life. You’ve let yourself down, not to mention everyone else. 


Naturally, this makes you feel. . .

 2. Guilty–You question every decision you ever made that might have even remotely contributed to your infertility:  Why did I choose to go to grad school?  Why did I have to have a career?  Why didn’t I get married years ago? 

Which leads you to think you are. . .

 3.  A Bad Person–You think about every bad decision you ever made.  Then you relive it. . . over and over.

Which makes you feel. . .

 4. Guarded–You’ve heard every insensitive fertility remark out there.  You’ve learned that the best defense is a rock-hard shell and a cold heart.

But unfortunately you become. . .

 5. Alienated–It becomes physically painful to be around friends you used to love, especially since they have small children.  You can’t relate to them, or anyone else for that matter.

And if you are alone, you cannot help but become. . .

 6.Depressed–The core of it all!  You’re not good enough because your’re infertile and you’re infertile because you’re not good enough.  It’s a vicious cycle that begins and ends with this one overwhelming, overpowering emotion.


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