The Truth About an HSG (according to me)

What do a catheter, a clamp, and a balloon have in common?  If you said they are medieval torture devices to determine whether your Fallopian tubes are open, you are correct!

I’ve seen a lot of posts lately about the sometimes dread HSG, also known as a hysterosalpingogram.  Kinda has a nice ring to it, doesn’t it?  Hystersalpingogram.  Who wouldn’t want one of those? 

I actually had mine last June.  I remember being only slightly nervous about it.  I had heard that the procedure might feel like having menstrual cramps and was advised to pop a Midol or two before the procedure. 

I am a very literal person.  If you tell me to expect menstrual cramps and to take a Midol, I am going to expect menstrual cramps and take a Midol.  This is my downfall.

Like I said, I was only slightly nervous and my ob-gyn actually seemed more afraid for me than I was for myself.  I attributed this to her being a super-nice person who was genuinely concerned for my well-being.  After I was on the table in the you-know-what-position, she put the speculum in which really didn’t bother me.  Then came the catheter (or was it the clamp?).  Getting it in was something of a challenge.  It definitely felt like it didn’t belong there, but it was only slightly uncomfortable.  After some maneuvering, she asked me to cough.  I thought to myself,  Why in the world does she want me to cough?  They are not x-raying my lungs.  I would later find out that the doctor wants you to cough because she has to put a clamp on your cervix!  A clamp!!! On your cervix!!!  Do not try this at home! 

Anyway, It seemed like my abdomen was getting more bloated.  Guess this is where the balloon comes in.  By this stage, I wasn’t paying attention as well to what she was saying because I was a bit more uncomfortable, but was not in any kind of real pain.   Finally, she told me that we were getting ready to inject the dye.   

And injected the dye she did and just like she promised I started to feel mild cramps.  And then more cramps, slightly more intense.  Then more cramps, the type that made me wince a bit.  

Then sheer agony!  Just like that!

Even several months later, I cannot find the words to describe what it felt like to have that dye flow through my tubes.  I can only describe it as searing.  It was so bad during the procedure, I involuntarily pulled my knees to my chest (the same thing I did when I was younger when I had cramps) to alleviate the pain.   Apparently, this is a big no-no when they are trying to x-ray your tubes and uterus but I just couldn’t help myself.  Ok, and sometimes I like to be difficult.

Then came the unthinkable thought.  The unforgivable thought. 

It went something like this:  “If this is what childbirth feels like, you can count me out.” 

Of course I don’t mean this now, but for me to have a thought like that gives you an idea of what I must have felt like.

When it was all over, I honestly thought I would be floating up near the ceiling looking down on my battered body, but I was not. 

In all fairness, the pain probably lasted about 30 seconds tops.  Afterwards, I was in no pain.  I just felt like I had started my period and spotted for a few days.  My tubes were clear, though the doctor said that the dye didn’t flow through my left (or was it right?) ovary at first.  However, it did flow freely when they turned me over to my left side. 

I know you are thinking that all of this sounds awful, but did you know that most women have little to no pain at all. I hate these women.   I was just one of those women who should have taken some hydrocodeine or gotten a morphine drip.  

I worry though.  Am I really ok?  I had some major pain so how could something not be wrong?  But, at the same time I don’t think I could ever go through that test again.  Not without being knocked out or drugged up.

I can’t conclude this without being positive so here is some helpful advice:

1.  Bring dark clothing.  I was bleeding-bleeding afterwards and was never so happy to see my dark capris sitting on the bathroom counter.  However, I was not thrilled to see my thong underwear sitting beside it.  Sticking an enormous pad in a thong is not a natural experience, believe me.  Don’t even think about a tampon.  You don’t want anything going back up there for a while!

2. Bring someone with you.  Don’t worry.  They stay in the waiting room.  Trust me, you probably don’t want someone watching the whole thing anyway.  If they do wish to watch, rethink your relationship.

3. Have lots of sex–but not the day after, or the day after that, or the day after that (don’t worry, it will be the LAST thing on your mind).  Your chances for pregnancy increase slightly after the procedure is done.  I didn’t get pregnant but I always have to do things the hard way which explains why I’m still not pregnant.

4.  Don’t curl up into the fetal position during your procedure no matter how badly you want to.  Kick the radiologist instead.  He’s a man and doesn’t have to go through this.

5.  Remember–when your ob-gyn says take a Midol this is really a secret code for pop a Zanax.  You won’t be sorry.


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  1. Posted by babysocks2008 on March 27, 2012 at 10:03 pm

    I COMPLETELY AGREE. My HSG was the most painful and horrific event ever!! I swear I jumped and my ass was two feet off that table when they injected the dye in me. Then the radiologist was like “can you scoot down?”…so I actually had to move with all the tubes and crap inside of me!! The woman who say it doesn’t hurt must be serious iron-women!Thank god I received good news after the procedure. I agree on having someone drive you there. I was alone and I regret it. I would have much rather had someone to drive me home!

    good luck on your journey!! *hugs*


  2. I had mine this past February and I was dreading it so much because I was expecting to have an experience very similar to yours. I definitely had some cramping but nothing terrible and it went away as soon as the procedure was over. I never had any bleeding at all. It’s so weird how women can have totally different experiences with the same procedure. I really hope you don’t have to go through that again!! Thanks for sharing 🙂


  3. For some reason, when I had mine last fall I called the nurse’s bull on only needing to pop an OTC medication like midol and opted to self medicate out of my growing collection of real pain meds (left over from other non IF related procedures). I took a percocet and it must have worked, because I had little pain during the procedure and don’t remember much of the ride home. But I’m no iron woman, I promise… because i had no meds before the saline sonogram test (also involving a balloon and a solution being injected into your uterus) and it had me in tears and begging for mercy.


  4. I had mine done in January 2009. Doctors said our chance of conceiving was higher in the three or so months after. My tests showed both my tubes were supposed to be blocked and the Doctor told us in his office with a straight face I was sterile. Two months later… we conceived our daughter. She is now two. Hold fast to your desires! Pray to God and share your hopes with Him! He will deliver… even when the natural says no way… God’s always got a way! Blessings to you!


  5. Um yeah I agree with ALL of this! I even went alone while my husband was out of town because it was only “mild cramping” that I would be experiencing. How about we insert a catheter with a balloon up the doctors you know what and see if he still thinks it is only mild cramping.


  6. Posted by summeryoung81 on March 28, 2012 at 9:28 am

    I had an HSG done about a year and a half ago and I still remember EXACTLY how bad it was. I felt like someone was punching me in the stomach. No one told me to take tylenol or anything before hand, but if I ever had to do it again I would definitely pop a Xanax before.


  7. I had an HSG and then about 2 weeks later had an edimetriol (sp) biopsy – given the care instructions before the procedures (take 2 extra strength Tylenol) were the same, I figured the pain would be the same. I am NOT saying the HSG was fun in games…however I would do 40 of those before doing another biopsy. WOWZERS! That hurt. They said some spotting would be normal…I had a pool of blood underneath me and then it ran down my leg afterword.

    Oh the joys of TTC!


  8. Mine wasn’t too bad but I definitely had some cramping that caused me to take in a deep sharp breath. I think I instinctively held my stomach with my hands for a sec until they asked me to move them. Either way, it was not fun, but glad your tubes are open!


  9. Sorry about your pain! I had one last October and went on my own (husband away with work). It didn’t hurt (lucky me, I guess), but I did get all suddenly emotional after and just wanted to cry! As for your milisecond thought re childbirth pain – I think most months during my back cramps that I could never do labour. It worries me! Good advice though! 🙂


  10. Posted by maria on April 22, 2012 at 1:51 pm

    I felt the same way and had the same bad thought in the moment! It’s reassuring to hear that I’m not the only one who had that experience!


  11. Posted by Pam on June 14, 2013 at 1:26 pm

    This made me laugh so much. You explain this procedure perfectly. My experience of hsg is identical to this.


  12. Posted by Nina on August 28, 2013 at 3:38 pm

    I had mine just the other day & am still cringing about how painful,it was- exactly how you said! Glad I didn’t read too much beforehand as would have been so anxious-definitely take some painkillers before. Also had same thoughts about childbirth!


  13. Posted by Carrie Kemp on September 4, 2013 at 7:32 am

    I am about to have an HSG done today. I am taking 2 Advil and some flexeril before I go after reading this. As for child birth, I’ve been through it with a 10.5 lb baby natural. I was begging for the epidural after an hour of non stop contractions. I am certain, had they let my son come into the world a month early like he wanted, I would not have had that much pain.


  14. Posted by Carrie Kemp on September 5, 2013 at 9:01 pm

    Update** The worse part of my experience was the speculum (cold and metal). There was some pressure when the dye was added. My suggestion is take deep breaths when the cramping starts. It truly does help. Take the meds too if you have them. 🙂


  15. Honestly it wasn’t that bad. The worst part was when one of my tubes was blocked and he gave a good push if liquid and it opened right up. But then again I have broken my femur, given birth, had a cyst removed from my tail bone along with a few uncomfortable procedures. Not to mention I have migraines, painful ovulation and fibromyalgia…


  16. Posted by Rhoda on November 10, 2013 at 10:24 am

    I had my hsg two days ago on November 8, 2013. This procedure hurt like hell!!! It was by far the worst pain I’ve ever felt in all of my life. I was under the impression that I’d be getting an X-Ray and was told nothing of what would really happen. So I showed up thinking I’d just take my underclothes off and raise my sweater while they e-rayed me. Imagine my surprise when the nurse told me to completely undress and slip the gown on and that basically the procedure was quite similar to a pap. Please ladies- if you have anything stronger than a Midol, Tylenol or Advil TAKE IT!!!!


  17. Posted by Mnel on December 5, 2013 at 12:34 pm

    I had my first hsg yesterday, and I was SO scared from reading all the bad experiences so I wanted to share mine! I was prettified going in and I told them so, so nervous the xanax I took did nothing, They told me it would feel like a bad period cramp, BUT…….. IT WAS NOTHING, I wish my period cramps were so little! The procedure was very easy , quick not ”painful” for me, just a uncomfortable. It was over in 3 minutes, and no crazy side effects, or leaking our bleeding. Just keep calm and try to stay relaxed!


  18. Posted by Kristin on December 6, 2013 at 12:31 am

    I am SO glad that I ran across this post! You could not have said it any more perfectly! In fact, when I was reading it, I thought to myself…I could have written this! Word-for-word. I just has my HSG test on 11/27 and I am thankful that I did not Google my way around, as always, trying to do a little research on the procedure before it was done. I was given the impression that it was going to be like a pap, and per the doctor, with a little cramping. Yes, “a little cramping” were the words I was told! I was so unbelievably nervous (as always, as I do not like anyone digging their tools down there where I can feel…but cannot see!) I was told to take a few ibuprofen’s an hour before the procedure. I was so nervous that I even took a half of a vicodin as well. Not because I was anticipating a lot of pain, and I certainly didn’t want to fall asleep on the table (ummm…looking back, I wish I would have taken a full one because I gladly would have fallen asleep on the table!) but needed something to calm myself down because I was a nervous wreck. A few nurses I was talking to before the test reassured me that it is not that bad of a procedure. I got on the table and right before he inserted the catheter he said I would feel a little cramping. It was pretty uncomfortable, but not too bad. Once he started pushing the dye through, it was THE MOST painful thing I have EVER experienced in my life. I was cringing on to the back of the bed and finally I started bawling and told him that if he did not stop that I was going to die! I didn’t even realize but I had closed my legs together (I guess it was the only thing my body knew to do while I was in la-la land full of pain) and he kept saying “stop, you can’t do that!” I did not mean to be so dramatic during the test, but my gosh, I cannot even believe the pain. My legs and arms started feeling so tingly and I knew that I was getting very close to passing out! The procedure was over within seconds after that and then the pain was completely gone. After that, I was more embarrassed than anything. The doctor showed me the X-ray screen and smiled and said “both tubes are open!” I have a very high pain tolerance but still could not help but wonder if I was the only one that had reacted like that or felt that much pain. I even told the doctor that if that is anything like labor, that I might have to re-evaluate! Him and the nurse just said “well, at least with labor you get something out of it!” and I replied with “yeah, and PAIN MEDS!!”. The doctor and nurse (the nurse came over to hold my hand through part of it) where very comforting though so I was very happy about that. I have been doing my Googling now to see if anyone else has experienced a painful HSG test as well and it’s so up and down. My tubes were open yet I had so much pain. There are others out there with open tubes, and had no pain. There are others out there with blocked tubes, and had lots of pain. There are others out there with blocked tubes, and had no pain. It is so hit or miss. I think it just depends on the person, honestly. It feels good to get my story out there too because I wish I had know the truth. It’s not to scare anyone but I feel like it would have been easier to deal with the pain knowing that it possibly could be extremely painful, but I went in there expecting light cramps. So hey, if you can get your hands on a nice strong sedative….TAKE IT! The nurse did say that it is therapeutic and gets the “spider webs” out of your tubes so after 2 years of TTC, we are hoping for a baby on board soon! 🙂


    • Posted by Kristin on December 6, 2013 at 12:59 am

      Thestorkwhisperer: I forgot to mention that I see your post was from back in March and I sincerely hope that you have has some luck since then. I can’t help but wonder…why me??? There are those of us who truly want a baby so bad and it doesn’t seem to take (alll mine have been chemical pregnancies) and then there are those out there that do not want kids, but it is so easy for them to get pregnant. I mean good for them, they get to experience that miracle of life. It just hurts so bad to be the person that wants it so bad, but it seems so far out of reach. Then it seems like when it rains-it pours and as much as you want to be happy for your, it seems like, 15 friends, that just announced on FB that they’re expecting (for the first time, or the fourth time) you find yourself asking the same question…again. Why me?


    • My tubes were open as well, but that was the most painful physical experience of my life. I was later told by another doctor that a lot of the pain has to do with the technique the doctor uses. To me, it felt like what I think labor would feel like without any painkillers. It taught me that when I have a baby, I will definitely ask for medicine up front.


      • Posted by Kristin on December 17, 2013 at 11:44 am

        I have heard that too, that it depends on the doctor. I agree totally, I thought that is what labor would feel like…without the pain killers. I honestly am not sure I would be able to go through labor without pain meds if that is what it would feel like (x10 I am sure!). I know there are people that have done it, and I give them props!

      • Posted by Kristin on December 17, 2013 at 11:48 am

        Also, (it would not let me leave a reply under your comment two above) I am so sorry to hear that you’ve only had bad things happen in regards to having a baby. I wish you the best of luck in the future and I truly hope that this dream will come true for you. Take care!

  19. Posted by Laura on December 13, 2013 at 6:44 pm

    I just had this procedure a few days ago. I have never experienced pain like that – ever – and I took 3 tramacets because I was afraid it would be painful. I seem very sensitive to uterine pain – I recently had surgery for endometriosis and I had a lot of pain after that. AFter they took the instruments out I had the exact same thought – if this is labour – I can’t do it. But those thoughts pass quickly. Although I did think I was going to pass out. The good thing is that both tubes had been blocked and now my left tube is open, only the right tube blocked. The doc said it opens up our options. I had two friends who had it done a couple weeks before me – both said it was like severe cramps but is over before you know it. I definitely think some people are more sensitive! I suggest valium and pain meds to help you relax!


  20. Posted by Rebekah on April 24, 2014 at 10:52 am

    Hi Ladies! I had this procedure a week ago. My husband and I have been BD’ing and things don’t feel the same. Is this something that you noticed? I don’t experience the same feeling, etc. as I had before. Sorry if this is TMI I just thought I would ask.
    Thanks for whatever help you can give me!


  21. Posted by Jem on June 16, 2014 at 9:20 am

    I had this done today and the experience you have described is exactly what I had.
    What horrific pain! Never felt anything like it before and thought to myself – shit, if that is what labor feels like then not a chance will that be happening again. I have been taking pain killers tonight because I keep getting waves of cramps and my pelvis feels bloated and sore to touch or to move.

    The staff were lovely but overall REALLY shitty experience and I’m very glad it’s over.
    My advice is take *good strong* pain killers. Worst pain I have ever felt in my life.


    • Posted by Jem on January 31, 2015 at 8:19 pm

      I conceived on the following cycle in July 2014. I don’t know if it was just a coincidence or if the HCG was responsible. Either way we are stoked and expect our baby on the 6th of March.
      I have PCOS and feel very fortunate to have been able to finally conceive.
      If I remember I’ll update after the birth for a comparison on the pain.
      Best wishes and luck to you all!!! Xx


  22. Posted by Minerva Morales on July 12, 2014 at 9:19 pm

    I am in so much pain I did hsg yesterday it didnt hurt that bad when I was getting it done. Just alittle but now I can even stand I dont even know if both of the open..I am in so much pain


  23. Posted by mary on July 30, 2014 at 1:26 am

    I had the HSG procedure done about a month ago. yes felt like a huge period cramp,. Had cramping and light spotting for about 2-4 days afterwards. No blood thereafter but felt very tender for days afterwards and bloated. I had period on time in my 24 day cycle . A week ago just as at my 10th day in cycle had some spotting when wiping and cramping for about 2 days-(maybe ovulations spotting, which by the way I never experienced ever before) All settled after 2 days and yesterday in my 21st day of cycle started to spot again when wiping with some mild cramping. From my personal experience,e my period cycle feels like it has been changed and affected by the procedure .I will wait and see how I go a few more weeks and if I get this intermittent spotting will be going back to doctors.


  24. Posted by Nora on October 1, 2014 at 2:24 am

    My husband and I have been trying for a baby for 12 years. After 8 years, we finally became pregnant and we thought all of our prayers had been answered. I lost our baby at 12 weeks and I honestly didn’t know you could feel emotional pain like that and still carry on living. We have become pregnant 3 more times in the last 4 years, and I have miscarried all of these babies as well. I had never heard of the hsg test until a month ago, when, finally, I had a midwife offer to help us conceive- for the first time someone was willing to help me as opposed to just shoulder shrugging and saying “huh!”. I was also told to take a few ibuprofen and expect menstrual- like cramping during the procedure.
    I can not believe it is legal to do this to women while we are awake and conscious! I have a 15 1/2 year old daughter (who was conceived without any problem, by my previous partner. My husband has a 24 year old daughter who was also conceived easily). We have had a sperm analysis done and results were normal, and all of my internal exams and transvaginal ultrasounds have never shown any reason for our troubles conceiving, nor have we ever been given any indication of a reason for the repeated losses we have suffered. But back to the hsg procedure- I delivered my daughter naturally, without aid of an epidural, and aside from the pain of childbirth, this was the most pain I have ever endured. I note also, that I am heavily tattoo’d and have an extremely high tolerance for pain…. Holy $hit, mild cramping does not come close to how this test should be described to women planning on going through with this procedure!!! I am told by my ob that the pain I experienced is a strong indicator that my tubes were in fact blocked, and that the x-rays show that I am not not blocked on either side- thank God! He says also that my miscarriages were most likely due to low levels of progesterone, and that when I become pregnant (he didn’t say if…), he will put me on a prescription of progesterone in order to prevent another devastating loss. I can say with 100% certainty that if the hsg worked (fingers crossed), it was worth it and I would do it again in a heartbeat. I will also say it was horrifyingly painful, back arching, tears streaming down your cheeks, squeezing the life out of the assistants hand, painful. I will let you all know in a couple of months if it worked. The last thing my ob said to me as I was leaving, was to “call him in 2-3 months with the good news”. I only pray to God he is right!!!
    I wish you all the joy of a healthy pregnancy and the amazing gift of Motherhood!!! Good luck to you!


    • What an amazing story you have! I really hope you get your miracle soon. You’ve endured so much, but I can tell you to never give up, no matter what, no matter how bad it hurts to keep trying.

      Yes, the HSG experience still haunts me to this day. I would have gladly paid out of pocket to have had that entire experience with anesthesia. There are simply no words for it. Interestingly, I had a lot of pain but no blockage.


  25. Posted by Raychal on December 19, 2014 at 3:22 pm

    I had my HSG today, I’d heard various stories about it being uncomfortable so took a pain tablet before the procedure, however, whilst in my little waiting area twiddling my thumbs I could hear the lady before me in the room chatting, she sounded calm….then the most frightful thing ever happened! She started crying and screaming hysterically like she was being tortured! Well I burst into tears and sweats and ran out of my little room with my gown on (forgetting about the back opening!) straight into my fiancées arms and cried my eyes out and demanded he take me home that instant! Between Jim and the nurses they all somehow managed to calm me down and persuade me to enter the dreaded room. However I was so anxious and petrified that I had to be dialated in order to get the procedure done as I was completely clenched lol I lay there with tears streaming down my cheeks and endured the pain which was actually not as bad as I expected but still pretty damn uncomfortable and then it was over…….well so I thought! I’m now (4 hours later) laying in my bed as I type this heavily medicated on pain killers as I can only describe it as every single month of period cramps hitting me all at once! Enough so that I almost begged my fiancé to rush me to A&E! But now I feel calmer and I have some great meds so I’m hoping they get me through the night. I’ve got minor spotting too but the pain worries me more. I truly feel for every girl that has to go through this! Oh and I also had that thought while laying on the table “f*ck child birth!) lol


  26. Posted by fay on February 7, 2015 at 9:19 am

    i had my HSG on 31/1/2015 …it was a painful experience…i had to take some painkillers to relieve the pain…i started spotting after the test and its almost a week now am not seeing any signs of it stopping…am still having abdominal pain…has anyone experienced the same…cause am worried…


  27. Posted by dolls on April 11, 2015 at 6:17 am

    Been trying for a year now. Had my HSG on 8april 2015, it was my most painful experience so far, read all sorts of write up online and all said its just a mild cramp like you’re getting your period. I had to tell the radiologist to stop. All he said was its gonna be over before you know it. Would have taken the painkillers, my mistake. Fortunately, my tubes are opened, everything fine in there. Felt pain for some couple of hours and spotted for 2days and stopped, now I’m spotting again, but I feel no pain except for nausea feeling I get from the antibiotics I’m taking. I really need the blood to stop so I and my husband can continue TTC. Did anyone experience the spotting after it stopped?. Can’t wait to conceive.


  28. Posted by G-lee on April 29, 2015 at 5:50 pm

    So I just did this scan last week and I had a severe allergic reaction to the dye. The pain was the worst I’ve ever felt. Think knife up your vagina with two stabs coming in at your abdomen at the same time. I’ve never scream so loud in my life. I’m completely traumatized and distressed over it. The allergic reaction caused shortness of breath and violent vomiting. I got admitted to the hospital for it. Your post made me LOL now that it’s all over but I’m secretly glad I didn’t read it beforehand! It’s been a week and I still have cramping. I’m kind of worried so I will try to see a doc again.


  29. Posted by Namrata on May 5, 2015 at 9:03 am

    I had my HSG last Thursday on 30/4/15…and believe me I have gone through every word you have described your experience. Same as yours i didn’t realized the pain associated with the test. I was howling and crying got totally emotional…after the test got over i asked the doctor whether labor pain similar to this kind of pain and she replied its not even close…i am so scared…i have gone through different procedures for other health issue but never felt this much pain anywhere else. Its been 5 days now, still I am getting very mild cramps…


  30. Posted by Sheigh on February 23, 2016 at 11:38 pm

    I’m so glad to have found your post and these comments… I thought I was the only one that had such a horrific experience from a “standard test”. My gyno told me I needed to get one before starting some treatment and I had the day off so thought I might as well get it over with.

    I was in NO WAY prepared for what was about to happen, had no clue that it could even be painful. My experience was similar to what you described, I told them the pain was intense and I felt like I was going to faint, but it did take the doctor a few minutes to really stop and pay attention to what I was saying. Then, my body went into shock and I experienced a vasovagal response. Essentially my brain told my body ‘no more’, my blood pressure dropped, my heart rate surged and my body went into complete paralysis. All I could feel was pins-and-needles over my whole body and my hands and feet completely cramped. The nurses were trying to massage and heat my hands and feet to get blood flow back to them. I remained conscious the whole time and just had to wait it out. It lasted about 40 minutes and I’ve never been so scared.

    All I can say to any other women is always prepare yourself mentally, get as much information as possible and don’t assume that a ‘standard procedure’ is always going to be standard for you. Have someone with you (I was alone) and make sure you voice how you feel.


  31. Posted by Anonymous on July 12, 2016 at 6:31 pm

    DON’T BE AFRAID! And please stop Googling now! Reading these comments will only scare you.

    I had my HSG yesterday. I took advil the previous night and took a dose 1 HR before my scheduled time. I do have a high tolerance for pain (an adaptation to endometriosis) so keep that in mind along with the fact that everyone is different. For me, It was the typical discomfort of a papsmear. The balloon insertion did hurt a little but I never felt the dye.

    BUT THEN… fast forward to today and I can’t remember the last time I had cramping this bad. Maybe my periods before my lap to diagnose my endometriosis. I’m not sure why I’m in pain now. I made the mistake of going to work (work at a computer all day) and 2/3 into the work day I started really feeling it.

    I had one semi-blocked tube related to a fibroid that was in the way and the other tube was fine. I have a wonderful Dr and she was awesome with talking me through everything. I’m glad that I finally did it and stopped letting my nerves prevent me from moving forward. Now we know what we are dealing with.

    I feel especially bad for those who had excruciating pain during the exam. It’s nothing worse than feeling that helpless. I do think it’s important to get all the facts which is why I am glad I went through it.


  32. Posted by Allison on August 3, 2016 at 1:41 am

    I just had my HSG yesterday and it was awesome! My doc had me take hydrocodone and diazepam 1 hour before the procedure. They explained everything to me prior to and during the procedure. The whole thing took about 7 mins. The most pain was very mild cramping when the dye was injected, nothing like my period cramps or the horrible cramping I felt during my SSG (saline procedure similar to hsg). Spotted for about 12 hrs afterward– sex, no problem!!
    Bottom line, make sure you have an experienced Doctor doing the procedure and you will be just fine!


  33. Posted by Mary on August 25, 2016 at 4:12 am

    I had my HSG on mid july, and after 2 weeks only i hav sex but with some blood and pain. Tot its hurt but unsure why, After 2 weeks later hav sex again.. same happening.. Can i know is this cause by HSG?


  34. Posted by alison on November 17, 2016 at 9:44 am

    Had an HSG done yesterday. I was having trouble describing the sheer pain of it. This blog said it perfectly.. So glad it’s done. My doc wouldn’t/didn’t prescribe me anything. He said to take a benadryl… Needless to say, I took a couple of my husbands zanax before the proc


  35. Posted by Jana on December 2, 2016 at 4:48 am

    I had an HSG done 5 days ago and I’m still traumatized by it! This blog was such a relief to read, I really thought I was the only one in the world who experienced this procedure in so much pain. My balloon even fell out, so had to have it put back in. Thanks for sharing!


  36. Posted by Carmen on December 28, 2016 at 4:27 pm

    Omg I asked 2 friends that went through this HSG experience, one of them told me it was very uncomfortable I wasn’t sure what she meant by that, maybe a little pain? the other friend said it wasn’t painful at all, nothing! she told me it doesn’t hurt! So that’s why I understood that every women have different experience but I was praying to be one of the lucky ones that says it wasn’t painful at all, maybe I put that in my mind unconsciously, I prepared myself anyways even though I asked my doctor if I should take any medication just in case?, he told me not you don’t need it! I still took 2 aleve one hour before the procedure, by the way I did this test this morning at 9:30 am, well my experience was amazing! I was very relax! No nervous at all , I think maybe is because I take magnesol every morning? I don’t know! anyways the nurse look at me and says the whole time breath and relax your body, don’t stop breathing!, and she was touching my right hand I think she was more nervous than me, the doctor says loud every step of the procedure, so I know what comes next then he said I am putting the dye in, I felt the dye going through my Fallopian tube, but I didnt feel any pain at all! At all, when we finish he told me that I don’t have any blockage, my uterus looks nice and it doesn’t show any polyps or fibroids, they also said that I probably spot for 2 days or so but it was very normal! Then I am done and ready to go! I was surprise after reading those horrible stories how unpainful was for me! After a few minutes I had a very light cramp but very light, I took another aleve just in case it got worse! After 6 hours I still don’t have any spots or bleeding whatsoever, I was able to do my shores right away those that I was supposed to postpone because of the painful test! Anyways for me I would TTC right away but I won’t do it tonight just in case! As you can see ladies you never know what will be your experience my advise would be keep a positive attitud, don’t get nervous, take ibuprofen or aleve an hour before the test and don’t think too much! Keep yourself relax and everything is going to be just fine!


  37. Posted by Jess on June 19, 2018 at 11:19 pm

    I just had my HSG today. And I couldn’t agree with you more. The pain was indescribable. It only lasts 30 seconds but it was excruciating. I will say to anyone who stumbles on this blog before she has the procedure, ask your doctor to prescribe a Valium pill to take off the edge. You take it an hour before the procedure as well as two Motrin. Even with all three, I was still in a lot of pain but I didn’t react. My doctor was amazed. She said some women instinctively buck their legs or cry out in pain. A friend of mine had it done last month, and said it wasn’t that bad. When I got home, I texted her and was like, wait… Did we just have the same procedure???? The doctor reviewed the results with me immediately after and I did not have any blockages. So the pain was totally worth it! She said I should have
    increased fertility for the next six months. So fingers crossed. A couple of other suggestions other than
    the Valium. Definitely wear dark and comfortable pants. Also, wait to go to the restroom. My doctor’s
    office is an hour from our house so I immediately be lined for the restroom when I got there. It turns out
    you have to take a pregnancy test before they will even prep you. Luckily, I was able to give enough. Also, I highly recommend having someone drive you if you can. If for nothing else, just the moral support, and because you will have mild cramping after. It’s much nicer to be in the passenger seat when you leave. And take the day off work if you can. Sprinkling baby dust to everyone!


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