Who’s Afraid of the Big Bad Zit?

When I was in my younger teens, I was paranoid that someone would know when I started my period.  I have no idea why I was so embarrassed by this at the time, but I would go to great lengths to make sure no one knew that it was that time of month for me.  Finally, I came to realize that no one knew I was having my period unless I told them and eventually I grew out of the secrecy phase all together.

Now as an adult, I feel like everyone truly knows when this gift arrives.  Not because my stomach grows to the size of a watermelon, not because of my weird food cravings and certainly not because of my you-better-get-out-of-my-way-or-else moods.

No.  They know because of the zit.  The zit from hell.

My skin does a funny thing during PMS.  It actually gets very clear, smooth, and fair, free of all irritation and redness. I look away for one second and then out pops an eyesore demanding its own zip code!

So for this reason, I feel like the world knows when CD1 is just around the corner.  Not that I care if anyone knows anymore, but it’s damn embarrassing to have acne at 36 years old! 

I artfully apply foundation and powder and it’s concealed–for about ten minutes.  Then the monster erupts from my pale skin and screams, “Aunt Flo!  Aunt Flo!”   I feel like I’m trapped in a 14-year old’s body without the skinniness.

Keep in mind that “the zit” is just that.  One large, fluid-filled pimple sitting on top of my somewhat smooth skin.  If I had a rash of acne, it wouldn’t be so bad.  That could be attributed to anything, like an allergic reaction.  But, no, I have one Mt. Everest size pore that announces to the world that I am one big ball of raging hormones.

This all reminds me of when Meg from Family Guy got a pimple.  See how she takes care of it:

Think I should give it a shot??


11 responses to this post.

  1. I still get acne too. I always know when AF is about to arrive because I look like I am covered in a sheen of little white aliens. Now however I beg for them because I also discovered that I break out even WORSE when pregnant. BRING ON THE ALIENS!


  2. I break out a whole lot during my period too. I absolutely hate it! I go to great lengths to keep my skin clear but come time for CD1 it doesnt matter how much I’ve done.


  3. My RE has me on DHEA (a male hormone that’s supposed to improve ovarian reserve issues)… As a result, my skin has become an oily mess, which is nothing like I’ve ever experienced in my life (I tend to have normal to dry skin). Joy. Me personally? I’d take super zit over the 20 pound weight gain. But apparently I get both. I don’t care anymore, actually, bc I’ve perfected the isolation aspect of depression. Yay me! Sorry you are battling those nasty random breakouts. You’re still beautiful! Remember that.


  4. Have you tried tea tree oil to help dry it out? I turn into a monster when PMS hits me. All blargh, raaaarrrrgh, stomping and shouting. There’s no hiding that either.


  5. Acne in our 30s just seems like some kind of cruel joke. But like Trisha, I would welcome it if it also meant I was pregnant! Unfortunately, it never means that.


  6. […] No PMS Symptoms.  Usually, I know when my period is going to arrive: mild cramps, upset stomach, acne from hell, and the appearance of melancholic, yet vitriolic emotions.  I had none of those.  I guess I […]


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