I love Pandora jewelry, particularly the charms. Though I’ve never bought a charm for myself, my husband usually gets me one for Christmas or some other occasion. I don’t have a ton of charms for my bracelet, but I have ascribed meaning to each one that I have received.

The first charm I got was this orange-striped candy bead a couple of Christmases ago from my MIL:

orange candy

Of course I associate it with sweetness and the holidays!

I also have this one, The Red Hot Love bead:

red hot love

You guessed it–this symbolizes the love my husband and I have each other (duh)!

I’ve received a few more since then and my MIL offered to buy me another one last Christmas for my birthday in January. Here’s what I bought:


This one is the fuchsia butterfly. I got it to remember the baby I lost last September. Not that I would ever need a piece of jewelry or anything else for that matter to remember. Holidays were particularly hard last year and when I walked into the store I knew that I wanted to get something to remember her with, but I didn’t want anyone to know why I’d chosen it. That’s me, keeping my pain tucked away so the world can’t see. My MIL and husband  just assumed I thought the charm was pretty. This was somewhat true, but I have associated butterflies with her memory since they seemed to be everywhere after I lost her.

This year, my husband took me in the store again and I was immediately flooded with last year’s memory. As I recollected, I realized that this passing year was also filled with the second loss I had in February. I’ve never actually processed the loss to a great extent. Maybe I didn’t because there was no fetal pole or maybe because I was only 5 weeks along. Actually, the main reason was because I was just too terrified, but more about that in my next post.  Anyway, this is what I chose for my latest charm:

guardian angel

This one is the guardian angel.  The angel wings symbolize my second angel baby. The one that was gone in the blink of an eye. The one whose spirit that I have since decided was a him.

I don’t know what next year will bring but I hope that I won’t be buying a charm to acknowledge another loss. Given the choice between having a loss and having nothing, I will gladly take nothing.

I kept thinking yesterday how much I wanted to be able to pick out a charm for my take-home baby–the one that will truly be mine, the one that won’t die, if one exists. What would be even better would be for my husband to select it for me. I can’t tell you how much I want that to happen. I’ve waited so long now that I’m not sure whether I am truly waiting or just merely breathing.

This would be my first baby’s first Christmas. This realization has not eluded me. It would also be my second baby’s first Christmas. I got a beautiful new tree to distract myself. I won’t let myself visualize what my baby would look like, whether she would be talking, or what she would think of the tree. I made it pretty and I made it for her and I made it for him, and I hope I have honored their memories.

I am glad to have my bracelet. It’s funny how something so pretty can make you so sad, but I guess that’s life. I don’t know why loss like this happens and I suppose I will never know. So I carry my losses in my heart and I wear them on my wrist, hoping someday my babies find their way back to me.


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  1. I am so sorry for your losses. I am believing and hoping that 2014 will be amazing and the charm you pick out will represent and symbolize your take home baby. hugs to you!


  2. This brought tears to my eyes: ” I won’t let myself visualize what my baby would look like, whether she would be talking, or what she would think of the tree. I made it pretty and I made it for her and I made it for him, and I hope I have honored their memories.”

    Such grace you have.


  3. This brought tears to my eyes, too. I’m so sorry you even need to have these beautiful/sad reminders of your lost babies. I’m hoping so much for you that next Christmas will be a joyous one.


  4. I’m envisioning a bittersweet scene: your child- your take home baby- one day asking to play with that bracelet and for you to tell him/her what the charms all mean. Again. I believe it will happen. But I’m sorry you are hurting right now. Thoughts and prayers for you every day, friend.


  5. This was a beautiful post – I too am holding on to hope that soon your bracelet will include a charm representing a forever babe you hold in your arms and not just in your heart.


  6. Beautiful charms. I hope that one day soon you’ll joyfully choose a charm with your husband for your baby.


  7. I enjoyed reading this post and I am sorry for your losses. I too cannot wait for that take-home baby charm!


  8. Such a great idea. I’ve been thinking that I need a charm braclet for a while…you’ve inspired me to take the next step. Thanks!

    Now following from Creme de la Creme.


  9. I’m truly sorry for your losses. The bracelet is a beautiful symbol that people can see as something nice, but also for you to keep your little ones near your heart.
    May 2014 be much brighter and happier for you!


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