Where I’ve Been

February 2010:

  1. Began TTC
  2. Naively thought it would work the first time; it didn’t.

January 2011: Met with ob/gyn to discuss fertility

February 2011:

  1. Reviewed CD21 blood test
  2. Prescribed Femara for annovulatory cycles (yay–thought I was finally “fixed”–I wasn’t)

March 2011:

  1. Reviewed CD21–Femara worked!!
  2. Urged to keep trying and do another CD21 test

April 2011: Reviewed CD 21 blood test–ovulated, but no BFP

May 2011: Reviewed CD 21 blood test-ovulated, but no BFP

June 2011: 

  1. DH has semen analysis: all is well
  2. Reviewed CD 21 blood test–ovulated, but no BFP
  3. Stopped taking Femara and ordered HSG
  4. Had HSG and finally appreciated the phrase “What doesn’t kill you will only make you stronger”

July 2011: Started back on Femara with the hopes that HSG cleared any blockage; no BFP

August 2011: Continued Femara, no BFP

September 2011: (after Femara and no BFP)

  1. Let go of my fears and visited RE who seemed encouraging
  2. CD 12 ultrasound to check for follicles
  3.  Found follicles and a small cyst (Guess Femara took its toll)
  4. Took trigger shot and prepared myself for IUI (yeah, baby!!)
  5. IUI cancelled two days later (DEVASTATING DAY; Do Not Ask)
  6. Re-checked DH’s semen/sperm; all is well

October 2011: (after Femara and no BFP)

  1. Subjected myself to CD1 ultrasound–Cyst is bigger!!! Must wait and see what happens.  No Femara!
  2. Breakthrough Bleeding Mid-Cycle (Freaked Out!!  Nurse says it is because of cyst!)
  3. BB bleeding stops after a few days, but no period in sight

November 2011: Waiting for AF to arrive or cyst to go away (ALWAYS, ALWAYS waiting)

December 2011:

  1. Cyst gone!  IUI scheduled
  2. IUI performed; thrilled to finally get to this stage!
  3. BFN!
  4. Break from TTC (only because I have no access to RE and meds) and “relaxing on vacation”
  5. Recovering from relaxing on vacation and wondering why I went on vacation in first place

January 2012: Scrapping together money and waiting for a miracle

February 2012: IUI #2 plus injectables–BFN!

March 2012: Just trying to make it through each day

April 2012: FSH, Estradiol, and AMH all tested–normal!!

May 2012: IUI #3 plus injectables-BFN!

July 2012: IUI #4 plus injectables-BFN!

August 2012: Natural BFP!

September 2012: Miscarriage at 7.5 weeks; D&C performed.

November 2012: HCG levels finally less than 5; still heartbrokened

January 2013: Visit with new RE to discuss possible IVF.

February 2013: Natural BFP!

March 2013: Miscarriage at 5.5-6 weeks D &C performed.

April 2013: HCG level at 6; no longer need to check HCG levels.

June 2013: Emotional breakdown; antidepressants prescribed.

August 2013:

  1. Pre-IVF screening and bloodwork (great AFC, but FSH borderline at 12.8; will start on higher dosage of medication)
  2. Tests for Natural Killer Cells and ANC’s (negative)
  3. HHS (a beautiful uterus)
  4. Complete Semen Analysis Screening (Only 2% of sperm are mature; ICSI recommended); likely cause of unexplained infertility

September 2013: Start BCP

October 2013: Begin acupuncture; begin Follistim and low-dose HCG trigger on Antagonist protocol

November 2013: 8 follicles, 2 eggs at retrieval; 2 eggs fertilized; 2 eggs arrested 2 days after retrieval; no transfer

April 2014: Natural BFP!

July 2014: It’s a girl!

November 2014: Babybelle born November 1st, 5 weeks early, 5 lbs and 9 ounces!

8 responses to this post.

  1. Posted by Anna Schwalbe on June 21, 2012 at 12:57 am

    Please hang in there. I went through a tortuous journey to conceive. It took me three years to achieve a pregnancy but then another three years to achieve one that ended it a baby (7 IVFs in total, 4 pregnancies) and & 4 IVFS more for baby number two which never happened.That was 13 years ago and the technology is so much better now and you have not tried the big guns yet.

    The only certainty that you wont succeed if is you give up entirely.
    I love, love my family of ones (one husband, one beautiful daughter and one cat).
    Best wishes.

    PS the infertility and pregnancy losses were unrelated problems. It took one for the other to show up clearly.


  2. Posted by Gayle Loveland on October 19, 2012 at 7:37 pm

    Bless your heart—-I will be praying for you (and for a little one in your future)—my brother and sister-in-law adopted their first child (after trying 3 years to conceive–both of them had infertility problems–her annovulatory cycles, him–low sperm count)—after 2 years of IVF, she conceived a daughter—3 more years of IVF (6 failures), she just had twin boys…..her mother died of breast cancer at 38, so IVF is a big risk for her…she wouldn’t give up, though.


  3. Wow, you have had a long journey! Hope you get a sticky BFP soon! ((HUGS))


  4. Posted by Amanda A. on May 23, 2013 at 12:49 pm

    Bless your heart. I am 35 and have already had issues with my cycles. I was told at age 16 that it would be difficult for me to conceive. I just got married less than 8 months ago, but due to my age we started trying right away. I pray that you get your miracle soon!


  5. Posted by Steve F on May 1, 2014 at 7:25 pm

    I have been reading your blog for a few months. It is helpful to hear the voices of others who can relate to infertility, including those times of despair. I am very happy for you and your husband. When a couple gets pregnant after going through the fire of infertility, I am thrilled. Much happier than when I see all the young adults that quickly or accidently get pregnant 🙂 I am 45, wife and I have been ttc for nine years and the window is most likely closing in the next year or so due to her age. Our issue was stage four endo that went undiagnosed. 2 IVF’s, 3 IUI’s, and finally endo surgery almost 2 years ago. Supposedly we are healthy in the other ways, but post endo surgery, nothing. Your blog gives me hope, and makes me smile. Blessings to you, your husband and your beautiful child.


    • Thank you for your kind words. I’ve learned never to give up, despite the heartache, despite the past, and despite things like age. I believe if the desire is in your heart, it is meant to be.


      • Posted by Steve F on May 9, 2014 at 9:53 pm

        You are welcome. Thank you for your wise words. I like that idea, that the deepest desire of the heart calls us to our destiny. I will stay with that longing and see where you it leads. Thank you!

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