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Microblog Mondays: Today I Went to Target

Microblog_MondaysToday I went to Target. Not as the type of shopper I once was: a despondent, anxiety-ridden, want-to-be mother who went out of her way to avoid the painful triggers of the baby section. Nor did I go as the soon-to-be mother who felt she was tempting fate by cautiously and curiously going to the aisle where those items were stocked.  No, I went as the new mother who can now look at those rows of bottles, cute clothes, and stacks of diapers with purpose and a calm heart.

I went as a mother who has a daughter wrapped in the arms of her husband, both waiting at home.

I went as a survivor who has finally found “a new normal.”

Today I went to Target and I have never been happier.